The Gumbaynggirr Conservation Group aims to:

+ Protect and nurture Gumbaynggirr homeland, people, flora and fauna, culture and language.

+ Reconciliation in practice - to build an alliance of Gumbaynggirr and non-Gumbaynggirr people, prepared to          protect and advocate for land rights and the protection of the natural environment as a united front

+ To provide an opportunity for Gumbaynggirr people to participate in land management and cultural practices,

and enhance their health and wellbeing through cultural activities

+ To provide for the education, and hands on experiences of professionals, and conservation organisations. 


























By Doing So We Commit To:

+ Observe, respect and cultivate Gumbaynggirr lore, language and culture before federal law

+ Offer holistic educational approaches to land management and conservation of flora and fauna

+ Strengthen the Gumbaynggirr community

+ Become fully recognised as a powerful healing agent and wisdom holder

+ Put special focus on engaging and supporting the Gumbaynggirr youth in these matters

+ Hold yarning circles and receive inspiration with and from Gumbaynggirr elders and other knowledge holders

+ Draw on ancient as well as cutting-edge science-based methods that have proven to be sustainable to land, people, animals, totems and culture

+ Apply Gumbanyggirr spiritual practices in all matters

+ Be open to spiritual guidance and healing from source/Yuludarla

+ Put forward Nambucca State Forest as a community and cultural park under Aboriginal management 

+ Support the establishment of the Great Koala National Park with Aboriginal ownership or co-management


Our Ethical Protocol Is To Apply:

  • Kind, truthful, non-violent, peaceful communication and activities

  • The observed Gumbaynggirr lore and customs

  • Non-racial, non-sexist practices in thought, word and deed

  • Love and respect for all sentient beings 


We are a drug and alcohol free organisation.